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THE BOOGEYMANN: "The BoogeyMann" was a joy to read, fast-paced and exciting, with plenty of humour to leaven what in reality would be some very serious-even potentially dangerous-situations. I want to add that the protagonist is "one sick puppy" and has serious psychological issues-and a complete lack of empathy. However, he is still a comprehensible character, and his behaviours and beliefs are well-balanced by the remaining cast of characters, both primary and secondary.

Author Newsome has a winning grasp of the minds and personalities and emotional development of young people, both small children, middle-grade, and adolescent. I thought he excelled in drawing these characters, all of whom rung very true to life, and were fully developed individuals, each in their own right, easily inspiring our empathy (and sympathy). In addition, he calls the shots accurately in delineating both male and female characters (I am particularly in mind of a certain scene with Ms. Jones <smile>). Events in this book are very realistic, and more importantly, plausible. I had no trouble believing in the story line.

I totally enjoyed this novel, which is not quite like anything else I've ever read, and highly recommend it.

Mallory__Supernatural Aficionado

THE BOOGEYMANN: Definitely for the young reader. Fun to sit down to. More humor than fear here.

Don Newberry



THE BOOGEYMANN: ...Big thumbs up for originality, this is not the story it seems to be at first glance. Starting with a humorous twist at the end of the first chapter, Bennie takes a family of seemingly ordinary people and weaves a peculiar but intriguing story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It takes real talent to make what seems so mundane on the surface into something so interesting.

Secondly, Bennie has a way with words - he has a nice flow to his writing style, an excellent vocabulary and a good balance to his humour (enough to add levity to lighten the mood where needed but not so much as to make the story feel silly.)

Lastly, I have to say "kudos" to Bennie for his spot-on characterization and attention to detail. His characters are realistic and entertaining, moving at times, and his descriptions are comprehensive without interfering with the story.

Chantal Boudreau __ author of "Fervor", "Elevation", and the "Masters and Renegades" series.

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