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My short story Windfalls -- an action packed Old West tale, full of horror -- is scheduled to appear in Stealth Fiction's anthology Daylight Dims. Situated above is the artwork that is to accompany my short story. Pretty awesome, right? More information -- editors, fellow authors, more artwork, artists, and links to follow -- concerning the pending anthology can be found here:


My poem, Straight to the Point, is contained within Hallmark's Thanks, Mom anthology. In addition to my poem, there are short stories and more poetry written by other friends of Hallmark -- some of which are friends of mine. Thanks, Mom is a great addition to any book lover's collection, and it makes for an excellent Mother's Day gift. You can purchase it online, or by visiting your local Hallmark store.

Carmichael Jones was a hopeless romantic. Even after that brief encounter with love in the seventh grade, when life circumstances forced him and the exquisite Jocelyn Fair to go their separate ways, he continued to believe in a happy ending. Then it looked as if his faith had been rewarded. Five years later, Carmichael and Jocelyn were given a second chance to make things work; however, the social pressures of high school and personal demons of the past ripped the couple apart a second time, leaving Carmichael with the impression that life is no fairytale.

When the spotlight shines on Carmichael again, seven years later, he is a very successful entrepreneur, prospering in just about every aspect of his life. The only thing he lacks is a woman to accompany him on his journey. It is during this part of Carmichael’s life that Jocelyn returns to the scene, but she is not alone. Two other women – a past love and a new flame – come along at the same time as Jocelyn, and Carmichael finds himself having to choose between the three.

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Life is no Fairytale

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